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It all starts with a little three years boy imagination wanting to travel back in time to the age of the dinosaurs...

Nathaniel age 2 years old, 2014

Back in 2012, Lily & her husband welcomed their beloved son, Nathaniel, who like any ordinary boy, fell in love with ancient majestic creatures known by the name of Dinosaurs. As committed first time  parents, we wanted to fulfill our son's wishes and to allow his imagination to travel back in time. Thus, we came up with an idea that would allow us to create his bedroom wall space where he could fully immerse himself back in the age of the dinosaurs and let his imaginations wondered. After endless searches, we found a way to incorporate the peelable wall stickers that would turn his bedroom into a "Dinosaur's Park" with mess-free and minimal efforts. From that day forward, we hunted down neat and educational wall stickers that would bring a sense of creativity and imagination to children all throughout the world. 

 Our mission is to brighten children imagination and creativity by bringing life to their wall space. 

 We hope to be part of your child's journey as they explore their limitless imagination!


Lily & Family 

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